I have been working closely with Troy Smith of EGGHEAD Logic since 2013. As Vice President of a National Litigation Support Company it’s important to team up with a programmer who understands the importance of work product and deadlines.


Troy really does stand out among the web developers that are around today. We’ve wasted a huge amount of time, effort and money on developers who couldn’t see the project through or lacked our own personal vision or the ability to get things done.


Working with Troy Smith opened our eyes to what was possible, both in terms of programming ability and also an incredible level of customer service. When made promises to meet deadlines, each one was met without breaking a sweat. When Troy told us to not worry and to leave it to him we were initially a little worried. We shouldn’t have been, he hasn’t let us down at all in the four years we have been working together.


What impresses me most about Troy is his ability to listen and come up with additional ideas to make the program more user-friendly and efficient. In turn, this allows the end-user to be happy with utilizing our program and increases revenue for our company.


I honestly wish there were more like Troy, but I don’t think there are. It’s why he is, and will continue to be highly in demand. A hidden gem in the industry if there ever was one. If you would like to speak with me please feel free to reach out to Troy Smith and he will pass my information along to you as a reference of EGGHEAD Logic.

Lou Konrad Jr., Vice President, Center City Legal Reproductions