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Managing all of your business processes manually is taxing, and can take a lot of time and resources to make sure it all runs smoothly. Egghead specializes in developing and customizing the exact application or software you need to automate or optimize any process from internal to customer-facing.

We spend the effort to not only get to know you and your business, but also the industry to get the best solution for you.

We currently offer multiple ways to build your business using different software or technologies. All of these center around giving you more time to focus on your work and less time worrying about the backend. Our cost effective solutions and team of specialists and contractors are here to support your business and streamline your development process.

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Enterprise Applications

Simplify your overall operations and save time of valuable staff by using Egghead Logic to design and build your app. We will navigate any unique requirements and develop the best solution for you.

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Business Intelligence & Dashboards

Forget sifting through a ton of data, use Egghead to easily pull reports and zero in on the important metrics. We will package your data into viewer-friendly dashboards that clearly display noteworthy trends and metrics.

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Artificial Intelligence

From bookmarking to categorizing, machine learning AI can help your business. This service will learn from your input and eventually learn patterns to make decisions for you.

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Fractional CTO

Fractional CTOs offer a higher level of experience and capability at a fraction of the salary. This role looks to encourage and promote the use of the current technology to improve business’ performance and enable competitive business practices.

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Our hands-on partnership can build quality applications with cost-effective solutions that are tailored exactly to you and your business. Egghead Logic’s development process keeps you on track and stays engaged with you for the life of your app or website.

Benefits of working with Egghead Logic

Work with our team of specialists and contractors to support your business with a range of services that are custom built to your needs. Our partnership approach streamlines the development process and ensures cost efficiency among other benefits like: 

  • Partnership approach
  • Lifetime support for your application
  • Cost-effective apps and websites  
  • Custom solutions that work for your unique needs
  • Over 25 years of experience building quality apps  
  • Agile but phased implementation to stay on task 
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