We Build Enterprise APPS!

Enterprise Application Development

Supporting your business processes.
Custom enterprise apps will seamlessly automate your business processes and better connect you with your customers.

Custom Website Development

Optimizing your digital storefront.
An Egghead website will drive your business forward, and delivers easy navigation, SEO-friendly architecture, and excellent UX (user experience).

Business Intelligence Solutions

Powering your business decisions.
Easily pull reports and analyze metrics to stay ahead of the competition. Inform your decisions with sound, cutting-edge data.

Mobile Application Development

Engaging customers on the go.
Native and web-based mobile apps will help you stay connected with your customers on every platform.

Application Development solutions to enhance your business operations!

When you’re running a business, you need to be able to focus on what matters: delivering a great product or service to your customers. But it’s all too easy to become wrapped up in managing the critical internal processes - like accounting or data analysis - that make your business run.

Egghead Logic will develop the cost-effective software or applications that you need to automate and support those processes. We consult and collaborate with you from the beginning to forge the best custom solutions together - and we partner with you for the lifetime of your app, so you can stay focused on driving your business.


What you gain with an Egghead Logic custom solution:

Egghead Logic offers a wide range of services and applications to support your business operations. Our apps are all custom-built to address challenges unique to your company, and our partnership approach streamlines the development process and ensures cost efficiency.

about us


Egghead Logic specializes in website design, application development and business intelligence tool development. Egghead apps, websites and dashboards automate and support integral business processes for companies across various industries. Our custom-designed apps and services are driven by providing high quality and cost effectiveness.