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We provide solutions for companies in any market with an expert team of computer specialists who are here to support you through the entire process. We develop apps and design websites built to fit your individual needs at a cost-effective rate. With a strategic mix of U.S.-based developers and contracted resources, we deliver products and services including enterprise applications, website development, mobile apps, and business intelligence. We work with you to get the best solution to fit your specific business needs.

Working with Egghead

Working with Egghead Logic means you will receive a hands-on partnership approach where we sit down to learn your business to offer an effective solution. You will have a great application built to work seamlessly to handle your business processes while remaining intuitive and easy-to-use. We will also be there post launch support from our team through the life of your application. 

Egghead • [eg-hed] : noun, Slang: an intellectual.

Automate your site or company’s ability to record, store, and move financial assets with ease and unlock the ability to build smart contracts Egghead will store the data in a decentralized storage location and ensure that the copies will be accessible throughout your network by the people who need it most and never anyone outside your trusted circle.



EmpireCLS is one of the largest limousine/driver providers and Egghead Logic assisted in multiple software initiatives including a custom designed website and an IOS app for booking and managing rides.

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Empire CLS

Center City Legal Reproductions

CCLR is in legal records procurement and reproduction and Egghead Logic provided a suite of custom applications plus ongoing development and support to continuously enhance the app.

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Center City Legal & Reporting

Pink Elephant Movement

Pink Elephant Movement is a charitable organization assisting families dealing with addiction which Egghead worked with using a cost-effective WordPress template to design an event calendar, donation collection, and more.

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Pink Elephant Movement


“Troy and Egghead Logic created for our medical practice a beautiful, sleek and seamless website that is as impressive as it is functional. Not only has the website increased new patient access, it’s a fantastic educational tool. The patients love it and so do our staff. Thank you Egghead Logic!”

Tracy L. Brobyn, MD, FAAFP, DABMA, The Chung Institute of Integrative Medicine

Chung Institute
Egghead Logic is a trusted partner of All Around Creative, helping satisfy our clients with excellent programming work. From a start in corporate America to now my own agency, Troy and I have worked together since 2005 and he has always been reliable and provided the highest quality work.”

 – Shawn Fricke, President, All Around Creative

All Around Creative

“I have been working closely with Troy Smith of EGGHEAD Logic since 2013. As Vice President of a National Litigation Support Company it’s important to team up with a programmer who understands the importance of work product and deadlines.

Troy really does stand out among the web developers that are around today. We’ve wasted a huge amount of time, effort and money on developers who couldn’t see the project through or lacked our own personal vision or the ability to get things done.

Working with Troy Smith opened our eyes to what was possible, both in terms of programming ability and also an incredible level of customer service. When made promises to meet deadlines, each one was met without breaking a sweat. When Troy told us to not worry and to leave it to him we were initially a little worried. We shouldn’t have been, he hasn’t let us down at all in the four years we have been working together.

What impresses me most about Troy is his ability to listen and come up with additional ideas to make the program more user-friendly and efficient. In turn, this allows the end-user to be happy with utilizing our program and increases revenue for our company.

I honestly wish there were more like Troy, but I don’t think there are. It’s why he is, and will continue to be highly in demand. A hidden gem in the industry if there ever was one. If you would like to speak with me please feel free to reach out to Troy Smith and he will pass my information along to you as a reference of EGGHEAD Logic.”

– Lou Konrad Jr., Vice President, Center City Legal Reproductions

Center City Legal & Reporting