Egghead • [eg-hed] : noun, Slang: an intellectual.

Who we are


We are a collection of computer specialists with expertise in developing apps and designing websites that support critical processes and provide solutions for companies in any market. With a strategic mix of U.S.-based developers and contracted resources, we deliver products and services including custom enterprise applications, website development, mobile apps and business intelligence at a cost-effective rate.


Just a few of the benefits you’ll receive from working with Egghead include:


Quality applications with excellent design and functionality

Egghead apps work seamlessly to handle your business processes while remaining intuitive and easy-to-use for both administrators and customers.


Cost-effective solutions that fit your budget

You’ll get a great application at a great cost - so you don’t have to sacrifice your budget to keep your business running smoothly.


Hands-on partnership approach to understanding your needs and building an app that works for you

We take the time to sit down with you to learn your business and get a feel for what you need to achieve, and then build an app that suits those needs.


Consultations to kick off development and help you understand the process

We’ll go over the entire process and fill you in from a technical standpoint, and manage the full process from the beginning so we can tackle development together without a hitch.


Frequent check-ins and a phased approach to stay on task and streamline development

Egghead Logic’s development process keeps you on track without overwhelming you with upkeep, so it progresses smoothly and you can launch on time.

Company Profile

Application Development

Egghead Logic is an application development company with expertise in building apps and websites to solve challenges for companies across various markets. Egghead works with a team of specialists and contractors to build custom websites, develop apps, and aggregate data, helping companies perform day-to-day business operations, streamline processes and inform business decisions.

Egghead Logic has the experience and knowledge to develop application solutions for companies in any industry. From the very first consultation through launch and the lifetime of your application, Egghead will work with you to understand your unique needs and challenges, and stay engaged with you to keep everything running smoothly and delivering the best ROI.

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