Artificial Intelligence

Help Your Site Learn Patterns

Machine Learning (ML) and AI can learn from user input and eventually implement these patterns to make decisions for you. Achieve your objectives faster with the use of problem-solving and decision-making capabilities that mimic humans.

AI services can be implemented into web and mobile software, and include features such as chatbot development, predictive analytics, and general consulting. Egghead Logic can build any AI services to fit your specific needs, from bookmarking to categorizing.

Among other AI services that can be custom-built for your business, here are a few popular choices:

ChatBot Customer Service

Instead of customers having to call a helpline, an automated chatbot can answer common questions quickly. A chatbot can also welcome customers to a site and offer suggestions on how best to search the site. It is the perfect way to greet, engage, and serve customers in a friendly and familiar way.


AI can gather customer data and filter it into an easy-to-view and comprehensive dashboard. The information can be used to influence how you use your site and what pages get the most traffic.


Using data from your site, AI can offer predictive recommendations to customers based on their past viewing habits. It can tailor every customer’s experience to better accommodate their needs.

Artificial Intelligence