Fractional CTO

A Chief Technology Officer (CTO) is a crucial resource that is multi-faceted, well-experienced and highly creative. This role is responsible for creating the overall strategic direction of companies and enabling an efficient utilization of technology throughout the enterprise. The cost of a full-time CTO can be immense and companies often turn to a fractional CTO instead. A fractional CTO can essentially take on anything a full-time CTO would.

The benefits of a fractional CTO include:

  • The cost-effective nature compared to a full-time CTO
  • Product development goals can become aligned in the business without having to hire a full-time role
  • Offer an outside perspective on staff and current tech
  • Expertise to optimize product development and new product launch
  • Quickly address lingering information security issues
  • Available immediately with deep experience getting up to speed very quickly
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