Remote Surgery

Date: 2017

A client in the wireless technology field wanted a fun one to present their 5g products at their booth at the 2017 Mobile World Congress.  Knowing that mobile surgery is being discussed as a future possibility with increasing internet speeds, they, along with Egghead Logic’s design partner, decided they wanted a doctor themed game.  They came to us to implement the web-based game.  The game is a set of 5 tasks:

Spleen Challenge

Spleen enlarges and shrinks, user has to tap on it. The smaller it is, the more points received.

Virus Challenge

Germs and white blood cells randomly travel through the blood vessel. User has to tap the germ before it falls off of the screen. User receives points for every germ eliminated, loses points if they tap on a white blood cell. User must kill 20 germs within 30 seconds.

Vein Challenge

Needle quickly moves left and right, user taps, the closer the needle is to the vein when they tapped, the more points received.

Artery Challenge

Arteries randomly flash. When one is “lit”, the user has to tap it to get points. They have 30 seconds to get as many arteries “fixed” as possible. Much like a whack-a-mole game.