Enterprise Application Development

Custom apps for your business

We specialize in developing customized expert system software and applications to support your business. Managing all of your business processes manually is taxing, and can take a lot of time and resources to make sure it all runs smoothly.

Egghead will develop the exact application you need to automate or optimize any process - whether it’s internal, like accounting and bookkeeping, or customer-facing, like a registration portal for your clients. And everything we do is customized to your business, so you won’t have to worry about fit - we’ll navigate any unique requirements and develop the best solution for you.

An expert approach

When Egghead develops an application for you, we spend the effort to not only get to know you, but your industry.  We will spend time consulting with you upfront to understand your business and make sure that your application addresses all of your requirements - including ones you might not even realize you need. Then, for the lifetime of your application, we’ll be there to work through any troubleshooting, expansions, upgrades or ongoing support needs.

Optimize your business processes

Internal Apps

Automate and support your business processes
We can automate internal functions like producing invoices or managing operations so you don’t have to spend valuable time performing these tasks manually. We’ll create a custom application to handle any processes, so you can stay focused on the heart of your business.


Collaborate more closely with your customers
Egghead can develop software that will allow you to engage with your clients and customers. Our applications provide portal access for your customers to easily submit forms, store documents, view past history, or register securely with you.

Mobile access

Keep your business going - even on the go


Chances are, you’ve got plenty to keep you busy other than learning how to navigate a complicated new application. Our apps are user-friendly for both you as the administrator as well as your users, and will make it easy for you to stay up to speed and manage your processes more efficiently. Plus, Egghead will work closely with you even after your application is developed to provide support and new features as you need it.

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